AI — Start small, get early wins, have bold aspirations, move fast and accelerate from there.

There are many individuals and organizations around the world that are looking for ways to take advantage of Machine and Deep Learning technologies in order to gain market share, lower cost, drive efficiencies or to gain a competitive advantage.

We all know that the Internet has changed our civilization forever, but most people can not yet understand the magnitude of change that will occur with the proliferation of AI. Today there are many different use cases for AI but in many ways we are at the starting line in how civilization and corporations will be impacted by AI. From banking, agriculture, healthcare, energy, to even politics, education, and even entertainment, no industry will be immune to the changes that are coming.

Of course, it often takes time to recognize a new technology and decide how to implement it. In addition, preparing your company for the new technologies like neural networks, computer vision, chatbots and machine learning systems can be an obstacle in itself. Unfortunately, the reality is your competition may already have taking the steps to accelerate their business with AI. If not, you have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Traditionally, a transition like transforming human driven operations into machine based solutions can be fraught with challenges — technically, politically and structurally. But while many companies plan and debate others are implementing, driving efficiencies that provide pricing advantages, improve customer service and leveraging AI to add product features and services. So how can organizations accelerate their AI journey?

First, you should have a clear vision about what AI automation can do for specific business processes across the enterprise. Start small, get early wins, have bold aspirations, move fast and accelerate from there.

Accelerate, what does that mean. Maybe an example will help clarify. Facebook, today boasts a staggering monthly active user count of over 2 billion globally. They were able to grow precisely because they were willing to tinker, experiment, and explore during a time where there was a serious gap when it came to connecting with friends, colleagues and acquaintances over the Internet. In fact, the company’s motto years ago has now become the lore of Silicon Valley: “Move Fast And Break Things”. This is significant because Facebook seemed to understand that there was a limited time with respect to competition and technology, and they sought to try out new tools and features to examine what could help the company expand its user base. Now Facebook had the luxury of having vast amounts of money and a large staff of driven engineers and developers. So how do you mimic the success of Facebook in your industry with limited capital and human resources?

Start small, get early wins, have bold aspirations, move fast and accelerate from there.

If it is a generally accepted fact that AI provides competitive advantages, then why are organizations moving slowly.

According to most industry experts, the reason and largest challenge with the deployment of AI today is a lack of available skilled developers. In fact according to a recent article in Forbes“We are facing an AI Skills Crisis”, and “in order to move AI projects from ideation into implementation, companies will need to determine how to close the AI skills gap so they have experts on their team to get the job done.”

Additional challenges include a lack of proven AI tools, security challenges with open-source libraries, the operational challenge of provisioning compute and storage resources, and the challenge of accessing and sharing data needed to train AI. Thankfully, all of these challenges have been solved with the launch of the first full-stack AI development platform. Qlytics, a Boston based AI company has recently announced the availability of their AI development platform. The first of its kind, the Qlytics solution is deployed in a client’s Virtual Private Cloud, and delivers instant, secure, frictionless management and access to the Data, Expert AI Talent, AI Apps, Starter-Kits, API accessible algorithms, project management and collaboration tools needed to streamline and accelerate the development and successfully deployment of AI driven business solutions.

With over 6,000 on-demand AI developers available to work in a secure, transparent development environment, leveraging pre-built apps and tools, Qlytics eliminates the friction of AI deployment while lowering costs by as much as 90%.

It’s not hard to understand that artificial intelligence will alter human civilization as we know it, and there is no reason for your company or organization to be left behind.

Start small, get early wins, have bold aspirations, move fast and accelerate from there.

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