AI Readiness Assessment Vital to Deployment of AI Strategy

In 2019 PWC surveyed 1,000 US business executives at companies that are already investigating or implementing AI. A full 20% said their organizations plan to implement AI enterprise-wide. We saw this to be true in 2019 and growing yet still in 2020. Many board leaders and executives at top US companies are demanding a greater adaptation of AI within their organization.

Companies that currently employ AI to enhance their businesses, will need to better understand gaps within their organization, to know where and how to activate AI. It will become increasingly more important for IT leadership to take a positive step forward by aligning their AI Strategy to their AI Capability Maturity in order to ensure desired outcomes.

To put this in place, implementing an AI Assessment is a recommended best practice. At Qlytics we created our own AI Assessment methodology, which is now put into practice by Qlytics Certified Solutions Partners, to cover 6 core disciplines: Strategy, Organization, Platform, Talent, Data, Experience. Here are some examples of questions to ask in your assessment, within those 6 disciplines:

As more corporations implement AI to enhance and support their business, Qlytics empowers them to immediately reap the competitive advantages of AI at scale.  CEOs, CIOs and CTOs benefit from Qlytics’ pre-qualified top talent, real-time budget, activity and resource tracking platform, private data exchange, and pre-configured state-of-the-art AI tools to eliminate the friction of AI deployment while lowering costs by as much as 70%.

Don’t delay your success, get started today:

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