How to Scale Your Ai Team Quickly & Efficiently

It is estimated that AI will add $13 Trillion to the global economy over the next decade.

By prioritizing quick wins and addressing talent shortages, companies can embrace AI to generate incremental revenues and gain operational efficiencies and not get left behind.   

In the world of business, many mid-sized companies struggle to cross the chasm from proof of viability in the marketplace, to fully scaled value powerhouse, leaving room for their competition to dominate the market.

Over the last few years, experts warned businesses of all sizes to embrace AI in order to take their businesses to the next level, or risk stagnation. According to the Harvard Business Review, “The time seems ripe for companies to capitalize on AI. Indeed, we estimate that AI will add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade.”

As a midsized business you may think you do not have the resources nor the team to dive into AI-based projects and development. However, you want to take your business to the next level and be able to compete within your market. So, how do you get started?…

  • PRIORITIZE QUICK WINS TO DRIVE INTERNAL MOMENTUM – First, you must identify the area of your business that would be positively impacted by AI. Then outline what the end goal is and what is required to get it done. Finally, you need to staff the right people for the job and manage the project.
  • ADDRESS TALENT SHORTAGE – According to most industry experts, the reason and largest challenge with the deployment of AI today is a lack of available skilled developers. In fact according to an article in Forbes“We are facing an AI Skills Crisis”, and “in order to move AI projects from ideation into implementation, companies will need to determine how to close the AI skills gap so they have experts on their team to get the job done.”

We believe that finding the right people and being able to manage the projects they work on should not be a barrier to scale your business. Qlytics’ pre-qualified top talent, real-time budget, activity and resource tracking platform, private data exchange, and pre-configured state-of-the-art AI tools, empower companies to immediately reap the competitive advantages of AI at scale.

Whether you are a CEO, CIO or CTO Qlytics will help you eliminate the friction of AI deployment while lowering costs by as much as 70%. With over 7,000 pre-qualified professionals to choose from, you will be able to use the Qlytics platform to find the right team to get the job done most effectively. Then, you will be able to cross the chasm to a full-scaled, market-dominating business!

Don’t delay your success, get started today:

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