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The largest, globally-distributed network of top AI talent, ready to tackle your most important tasks.


Great AI Talent is hard to find and even harder to retain. That’s why we scour the globe, recruit and certify the best AI Talent and make them available on-demand to hire and securely collaborate with.
  • Quick Search, Interview, Hire
  • Simple Contracting + Payments
  • Task based Time-Tracker
  • Work-diary with 10min Screenshots
  • Bring-Your-Own Talent
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    7,000+ On-Demand AI Developers

    How the AI Talent Hub works

    Most companies face challenges with finding qualified AI Talent. The Qlytics Platform makes it easy to find, hire, collaborate with, manage and even pay for the best Talent.


    Start a Project

    The Qlytics Platform workflow starts by Starting a Project. Define budgets, goals and invite internal employees to the project. When limited resources or internal skill prevent the ability to complete a task you can leverage the Qlytics AI Talent Hub to augment your team.


    Search for Talent

    On the Qlytics Talent Hub you don’t post a project and wait for dozens of unqualified freelancers to send you a quote. Qlytics is an Invite Only platform. We have already pre-screened our Talent and present only the best and most qualified individuals. Search based on the skills and experience needed and quickly identify the AI Talent that meets your requirements.


    Invite, Interview, Hire

    One you have identified the best Talent – Invite them to Interview to work on your Project. Once Invited the Platform will create a Private Slack Channel and send an invite along with the project description to the Talent. Communicate and conduct your interview and leverage the Qlytics Platform to Hire and securely on-board external Talent to your Project.


    Task, Collaborate, Track

    Once Talent has been added to your Project, leverage the Jira Integration to assign tasks to each team member. Collaborate with integrated Slack and even Track development activity with the Qlytics Time Track.

    Spotlight Talent

    With over 1,000 PhD’s and more than 3,500 Members with advanced degrees, the Qlytics Talent Hub is the largest curated community of AI developers in the world.


    Bring Your Own Talent

    The Q-Platform enables organizations to add existing employees and even consultants to their own Private Talent Hub and to catalog workers based on skills, experience, location and even availability.


    The Q-Platform enables organizations to add existing employees and even consultants to their own Private Talent Hub and to catalog workers based on skills, experience, location and even availability.
    Link the best internal talent to a project and when you need an expert to work on a task, use the Global Talent to identify and securely add the expert talent needed to support your project.

    “We are facing an AI Skills Crisis”, and “in order to move AI projects from ideation into implementation, companies will need to determine how to close the AI skills gap so they have experts on their team to get the job done.”


    Benefits of the AI Talent Hub


    The TalentHub provide the ability to hire on a Task basis and pay for only the work needed and approved, driving efficiencies and lower cost by over 70%.


    Search, Review, Contact, Interview, Hire, and Start collaborating with AI Experts in minutes, not months. Assign Tasks and monitor activity and progress On-Demand.


    The Q-Platform has integrated Jira, Slack, Github and a custom built TimeTracker that provide full transparency on all project and Talent activities.


    With the ability to filter talent based on experience, education, skills, location and job success, the TalentHub makes it simple to search, hire, invite and collaborate with external AI Experts and internal resources.


    Use Cases

    Calculating Counter Party Risk with ML

    Leveraging AI to Collect Financial Data, Controversial News and Calculate Probability of Default in order to Evaluate Counter Party Risk of Global Banking Institution’s
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    Improving Elderly Patient Management with AI

    Qlytics is helping a State leverage AI to evaluate elderly patients health and wellness to determine short and long term care options and to identify ways to improve the delivery and efficiency of Elder Care.
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    Tracking Municipal Inventory with Computer Vision

    Qlytics is helping a State Department of Transportation leverage AI to track and monitor winter storm response inventory and activities on municipal lots.
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    Estimating Power from Windmill Farms in China

    Qlytics AI was used to help improve future power estimates from wind farms by leveraging historic data, real-time forecast data and and a deep neural network built on Tensorflow.
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