Tapping into the Value of Unstructured Data

80% of business data is unstructured, which means it doesn’t fit neatly into a database. This data can include: documents, spreadsheets, emails, presentations, audio and video, web searches, images, and social media posts. While there is usually value that can be extracted from this data, traditional extraction methodologies and analysis are tedious and rarely effective.

By analyzing large data sets of unstructured data, enterprises can identify meaningful connections from unconnected data sources and find specific patterns. Effectively carrying out  these pattern recognition tasks often leads to the discovery of business as well market trends, which are key in scaling your enterprise. Here are 5 streamlined steps we use in our methodology:

  1. Configure goal-based automation workflow
  2. Deploy unstructured data analysis engine to automatically extract data from source documents
  3. Build and customize data taxonomy
  1. Build and customize scoring system via interactive visual Dashboard
  2. Deploy automated document analysis workflow

In many cases insights from untapped, unstructured data sources can lead to valuable strategies to improve decision making (by enriching corporate data). Qlytics’ NLP framework coupled with our platform delivers a pragmatic and customizable approach to extracting, organizing, evaluating and implementing these insights across your enterprise.

Whether you are a CEO, CIO or CTO Qlytics will help you significantly reduce the friction of AI-based data extraction and analytics deployment while lowering costs by as much as 70%. With our pre-qualified top talent, real-time budget, activity and resource tracking platform, private data exchange, and pre-configured state-of-the-art AI tools, you will be on a fast track to  reaping the competitive advantages of AI at scale.

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